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When I got to be a Bond Girl!!!

Saturday afternoon saw me flitting about in the latest food festival in town – The gourmet High Street. A gentleman hailed me and said that there is a mixology session about to start with the Speakeasy ( a popular bar n restaurant in gugraon) Bartender – Yangdup Lama! And its a complimentary session (they were supposed to be paid but…)


Excited, we sauntered into the cocktail studio and immediately were taken with the soft spoken ‘Lama’ who entertained with witty anecdotes about bar tending too.

Sidenotes: Vodka is a silent spirit which takes on the taste of whatver its mixed with; hence a big favourite for cocktails!


He started with trivia about the Classic Martini, including James Bond’s role in making it a Vodka one rather than the Gin based.

When he asked who in the audience would like to help him make a Classic Martini; how could I miss the opportunity! Up I went along with scores of other ladies, and er…. one gentleman!


So we poured 30 ML x 2 into a beaker full of ice cubes and then added 10 ML of Dry Vermouth to it and then stirred it all with a stirrer. The trick was to make it cold – thats why stirred and not shaken! Boy this was fun and the fumes were heady! The vermouth is actually a wine and it smelled gorgeous!

Sidenote: put ice cubes in the Martini glass to chill it. Also stirring the drink with loads of ice makes it cold and lets it stay so for long. A great Martini stays the same temperature from first sip to the last!


And then we poured (like experts) into a cold Martini glass! Plonked in one olive and Voila, we were good to go!

Side note: the brine from the olives is added to make a ‘Dirty’ Martini!!


Cheers James!!!!

Sidenote: This was too potent for a non-Vodka drinker like me! I personally prefer the gin one!!!

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5 thoughts on “When I got to be a Bond Girl!!!

    1. This is the amazing part of being in Dlehi; the food festivals here are just radical and have mind blowing stuff such as this! it was tonnes of fun and I will never forget this drink in a lifetime now!;-)

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