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Treasure measure

Chanced upon a post on a book club on Facebook which led me to a treasure trove of used books and a meeting with an amazingly warm human being who had collected and was selling these books for the Gurgaon girls scouts who were collecting money for an orphanage in Delhi. I thought I was doing a good deed, till I saw the pile of books. What an amazing  set of books, many of which looked unfamiliar but interesting.

I selected books based on how much I liked the cover or was intrigued by the blurb and ended up buying 43 books for 30/- each. Japanese authors, African, Australian, Indian and so many more.

Once home, I Goodreads-checked them all for ratings and Reviews and came to know I had picked some gems. Sharing a few of them:

1) Neil Gaiman has selected and complied a book of his favourite creature stories. Just wonder how scary this is going to be. What do you think guys?

2) This is the second book from my today’s book shopping haul. The book is beautifully illustrated by the famous show designer #ManoloBlahnik whose life as a shoe maker’s the crux of the book interwoven with the famous fable about the elves who made shoes at midnight. Let me read rhis and will update on how it turned out.

Now isn’t this a yummy book a steal at 30/????


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  1. And folks, she kindly send some to other book lovers as well. Ain’t she cool! And these are some amazing books. I hope these happen in the south as well. It’s such a great idea. Maybe I ought to do that with my old books when I’m doing my yearly turnout. Lovely post Shal!

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