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#NaBloPoMo: Day #20: Balance – Dont assume, be curious!



This is my favourite cards of all, so far. I love asking questions as my curiosity is simply insatiable. I remember my dad once remarking to me, “Tumse baat karna toh nakon chaney chabana jaisa hai”translation: It’s as impossible to have a conversation with you as its to chew on uncooked chickpeas…… or something like that.

I am that one person who doesn’t have awkward pauses in company – old or new. I always have something to talk about; something to ask about. I love to explore people, relationships, hobbies, places, etc. I can hold conversations with complete strangers; people younger or older than me and of course with the opposite sex. In fact on all my dates, I make a mental note to not talk too much and let him get a word in.

I make friends almost every month; without any judgement and go that extra mile to know more, to give more.

Some friendships work out; some don’t. Same things with trying out new things to do. I get fascinated with anything new and prefer being a jack-of-all-trades to being master-of-one.

So, I am a baker, gardener, photographer, mosaic artist, blogger, reiki practitioner……………………………….


I simply love this quote ” A sense of curiosity is nature’s original school of education” – Smiley Blanton

It’s extremely apt to someone of my personality type; just hope I come across as curious and not nosey 😉

Are your curious? Do you feel its great to learn new things?


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