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#NaBloPoMo: Day #25: Mind- Unburden your mind!



How I reverberate with this card. I am one of those who loves to make lists and feels very accomplished by just making one 😉 And yes I am talking about writing down on a piece of paper and not on an app or the phone. The actual act of writing down is liberating for me and many of my generation, I feel.

Of late, I have expanded this habit to one more aspect of my life. Whenever something is bothering me; for instance a relationship which seems to be going nowhere, I start making a pro and con list and then re-assess to see how important is this relationship to me, what am I getting from it, how devastated will I be if it gets over, etc etc. 9/10 times, I realise the relationship has been dead and over and I have been just reluctant to call it over as I don’t want to fail.

Same things when I want to buy something, travel somewhere, find a job , etc.

Physically writing down things help to clarify our thoughts, I believe. When I start to write down, a plethora of thoughts come swirling down like a gust of wind blowing down a chimney, rushing over the raging fire in the fireplace and then settling down as the momentum disperses. This is exactly what happens when the thoughts are put to paper, the urgency is dispelled and I realise I was making a mountain out of a molehill, yet once again.

I tend to keep this paper for three days; mull over it at least once a day and play at alternate scenarios, just to be sure of what I am seeing there. At the end of three days, I take stock, analyse and come up with a solution. I write it down and sleep over it for another three days – at the end of it, on day 7 I just know what I need to know.

And yes, I burn this paper up to remove any existence of this issue and to submit to the universe that its resolved.


Whats your say on writing down things? Do you make lists?

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14 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo: Day #25: Mind- Unburden your mind!

    1. Hey Ashwini – thanks so much. My blog content curation has improved a lot since I joined Blogchatter – its all thanks to the magnificent people here and the wonderful peeps that I have had the guts to get on with this. 🙂

    1. Wow Menaka- thank you so much for such a lovely compliment; I have thoroughly enjoyed this month’s blogging challenge and shall gear up for A2Z next…

  1. your pictures are soooo prettyyy <3 <3 I too write down everything in a piece of paper and then end up throwing it away. It happens when there's too many thoughts in my mind and I have to find an outlet.

    1. OH Thank you Thank you so much- That feels so good to hear. I try to work hard on my pics and take a lot of care in clicking n editing htem. So this comment has really made it all worthwhile. thanks Raj
      Good to know you practice this way of ventin gout steam too – Cheers

  2. I love writing down lists, the only problem being I forget where I kept them!:)
    I like the idea of noting down the pros and cons, very interesting.
    Your posts in this series look very pretty 🙂

    1. Ha ha ha Mayuri – that is priceless!! 😉
      Thanks a tonne for loving the look of the posts; I have a mixed reaction to the pics and its so good to hear positive stuff about it. I have just loved doing this series for #nablopomo – its been so good for my writing, I feel and ofcourse the catharsis that I have expereinced via it is just unbelievable. I really want ot thank you for all your encouragement and support to my writing. You have been such a huge rock to me – thanks so much Doll!!! 🙂

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