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#NaBloPoMo: Day #26: Mind- Reset your patterns



This card essentially talks about looking at things from a different perspective. Lately I have come of realisation that it’s not that things are going wrong in my life it’s just that I am not looking at things in the way I am supposed to look at them.

I have started thinking that it’s not like I am not getting what I want in life; it’s not even the fact that I don’t know what I want in my life. My problem is that I am not looking at things in the correct perspective and the moment I have started to, I found that things are actually working out in my life. Maybe the pace at which things are moving is slower than what I think it should be, but then they say “All good things comes to those who wait”!

It so happens that I want everything and I want it now. But sometimes (or most times) we are not ready to work for that thing or its like we haven’t really thought about why we want that thing. Maybe I just want it out of competitiveness or peer/societal pressure. What works for someone else’s life may not (Will not) work for my life as we are all different creatures.

aping lifestyles or life’s journey is a disastrous from the word go. Yet we still persist in falling into the set patterns of landing “A” kind of college admission, “B” type of job, “C” kind of salary and then progress onto mortgages, loans, investments, insurance, credit cards. All the time, making a wish list on the side to do the things I want to do, someday!!! But that “someday” almost never comes for most of us.

This is the disconnect that we bring into our lives by looking at things in a manner not best suited for US!!

I have taken a conscious step of the carousel and decided to do the things that I would  I wish I had the time to do but every time the pressure of a job, changing a salary, paying bills/dues; I forgot to look at myself and my wish list kept festering on the side, building up a sullen resentment inside of me.

Choosing to look at my life from another perspective I have actually chosen a path of self-love. I am putting myself before anything and everyone at the moment and actually making it a responsibility of others to take care of me if need be.

Assuming an attitude of gratitude and believing in the adage that we manifest our desires/troubles, I have consciously started practicing mindfulness. To this effort, I write in a gratitude journal, practice meditation, go for a morning walk, do breathing exercises, have started to eat without guilt, decluttering my life of materials and people and generally just being happy with what I have rather than looking at what I don’t have.

It would be great thing to take a step back occasionally and reset our mind, goals, perspectives, wishes to figure out if we are on track or not!


What is your viewpoint on your life? Are you living the life you think your deserve?

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4 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo: Day #26: Mind- Reset your patterns

    1. Thanks Ramya – it certainly shakes up things and makes us more aware and grateful for what we have and what we really want.

  1. Great post! We often read about slowing down and taking the time to recharge but often forget about it when the next to-do comes along! I’ve started yoga in an attempt to reset my patterns; hope it works!

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