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#NaBloPoMo: Day #8: Soul-R&R is a primary need of the soul



R&R – now that’s a word most of us use but are so unaware of its true meaning. While working in our important corporate jobs, we have come to associate this term with the short, knee jerk breaks we ill-manage to take while assuring ourselves (with a well-intentioned mind)  that a longer holiday to that dream destination will happen next time when the promotion comes in; I will move to a more challenging role, that’s when I will reward myself. Never happens, does it.

The other day I met up for dinner with a friend who told me she had this trip to Lakshadweep planned with a friend, tickets booked, shopping done especially at decathlon, days worked out and then she got this job opportunity which she just had to take. 8 months into this new role, where she is crammed for time as the role is pretty demanding, she is telling herself, her next big break is when she is ready to move to next role level. It’s the same cycle we all get stuck into. 

Rest and recreation is not necessarily a physical holiday from one destination to another but resting our mental and physical faculties with nothingness. It’s when we switch off devices and our dependency on them. When we learn to let go of the Internet and Facebook, when we can take a walk without taking a selfie or posting something on the net or taking a work call …..

It’s spending time with oneself and with people who matter doing things that make us happy.


As they say, we take a moment to smell the roses, to sip the coffee, to take a walk in the park…..
For me, learning meditation and finding time for the practice, vesting time into a hobby I believe in like Blogging/writing, reading the books I have been wanting to read, spending time with people I love, doing things for my health – have all been rest and recreation. I haven’t stopped chasing dreams or rainbows, just goals and fruitless financial pursuits. 
I am learning to pause, just once in a while, step back and maybe twirl around with my arms open and face to the sky and a tune in my head which is just mine.

How about you? Do you like to smell the roses or coffee once in a while?

November 2016 is my month to participate in the NaBloPoMo with Blogher

I am also participating in Blogbuddy 3.0 with Blogchatter and my team is called BlogBusters


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6 thoughts on “#NaBloPoMo: Day #8: Soul-R&R is a primary need of the soul

    1. Dont we all just Manisha – we are all guilty of it. Do breathe and let go for 5 mts- and do tell me how was it for you.

  1. My husband would so love this post. I try to click pictures always. Like when I find peacocks in my garden or a bunch of pigeons or parrots in my lawn. He asks me to relish the moment instead of searching for a camera. I don’t always post the pictures. All I think of is I could re-visit these moments later in life. Well, it is important to switch off and be with your true self at times.

    1. Ha Ha – I know what you mean Shalzz. I am also told often by people for my shutterbugginess but its my high and thats what I enjoy; so each to her own!!! But yes just switching off for a bit is very liberating….

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