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#NaBloPoMo: Day #9: Body-Gratitude makes the body light



Gratitude has been a new word for me this year in the way that it has been presenting itself to me on every nook and corner these days. I have been attending meditation sessions regularly for the past one and a half-year wherein this practice is being stressed upon with every word, gesture and thought.

I had recently attended a spiritual workshop by the renowned speaker NithyaShanti where in he gave us a mantra to chant which was essentially about gratitude and made us appreciate ourselves first and foremost.
So often we forget what we have and focus just on what we want, don’t have or can’t have. There in begins an endless cycle of pursuit to accomplish this.
We end up forgetting that we have been given everything we want or need when we were put into this earth. We have to just learn to realise that and believe in ourselves without the false aid of any conditioning.
If only we could learn to believe in our faculties and inner strengths, we would accomplish all that we ever dreamed of.

This card reminds me of the thought that crosses my mind every time I see a beggar or a handicapped person on the streets- “thank god that’s not me. I am grateful to possess a fully healthy mind and body.”

I am grateful for this fact everyday as living alone has taught me that falling ill can be such a pain as its me who has to take care of me. Sigh!!! Ok this is just one of those rare times when I miss a man in my life (not).
Gratitude has made me lighter in ways that I couldn’t fathom earlier. I have started writing a gratitude journal and every time I write down something I am grateful for, little more of that stress of mine seems to vanish.

What are you grateful for in life? What does gratitude mean to you?

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