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10 day “You” challenge: Five Foods

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Not just nutrition but food also provides comfort to all of us. At times of stress, guilt, heartbreak – we all seek solace in a jar of nutella or a tub of ice cream. We all have memories associated with our favourite foods and some quirky combinations that are unique to just us. I will share that and more here about five of my gourmet loves.

  1. Nutella & Marie Biscuits: This love came about as a default – someone gifted my cousin a jar of nutella (I didn’t know till then what it was) and she offloaded it to me as she wanted to avoid the calories. I was happy to get a jar of chocolate (that’s what it looked like to me) and got it home where I happily stuck a spoon in it and was instantly transported to gooey nirvana heaven. To make the jar last (and not have too many calories) I applied some on a Marie biscuit and knew then and there I had stuck a goldmine! Since then Marie and nutella sandwiches have been my favourite go-to sweets at the end of a meal.
  2. Hot Buttered Popcorn: This love has been there as a child when in winters, we would pop some in the pressure cooker to munch on while watching TV (chips were forbidden when I was growing up). As I grew up, I discovered I liked cheese, garlic, oregano and other spices into the popcorn with tonnes of butter to make it just mmmmm.
  3. Cooked Spinach: I wasnt a Popeye fan, so can’t claim that he made me fond of spinach but fond I am. I simply love this leafy veggie and can’t get enough of it. I love to have spinach n paneer (palak paneer), spinach paranthas/puris, spinach-moong dal, spinach-kadhi, spinach-corn bake…. The list is endless! If you have a favourite recipe for spinach that’s not mentioned here, pls do tell me – I will be eternally grateful.
  4. Cream Cracker Biscuit: Growing up in the 70s I have fond memories of metal tins of biscuits like Bourbon and Cream cracker. I used to love the latter with some butter on it and then sprinkle some sugar – yeah call it weird but I would love it. To date its one of my comfort foods and my favourite biscuits. I love it with grated cheese and chilli flakes / tiny chopped pcs of tomatoes-onions, sprinkled with salt and pepper or just plain with butter.
  5. Cheese: I was hooked onto Kraft cheese that my dad used to get tins of from the canteen. I would sneak into the fridge to cut myself a piece whenever I could. Growing up, I developed a taste for other varieties and I appreciate and rate the buffet breakfasts in good hotels by their cheese spread. I have to say the best one so far has been at the Taj Lake Palace hotel, Udaipur where the variety was mind-boggling. And yes I love the pungent blue cheese too though I havent been near the maggot infested ones…. yet.

Food is what binds all of us together; what are your thoughts on this? Any favourite foods to share here?

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22 thoughts on “10 day “You” challenge: Five Foods

  1. Interesting blog. Yes there are strange combinations. One of my friend loved adding some Amul butter to her tea:( . I never could do it but she just raved about it.

    1. ugh! amul butter in tea sounds revolting to me but then each to their own! I love to hear about quirky food combos! One of my cousins digs Tomato ketchup with Bournvita – go figure!!! 😉

  2. Popeye fan! Nutella lover and cheese! Me too 🙂 Though I haven’t had Nutella since months.
    In my fridge there will always be eggs, milk, butter, bread, coffee powder (I keep n fridge), ice-cream and meat.

    1. I also havent had it for months due to the calories…. but now there is some debate over it being cancerous !! 🙁
      I would loveto drop by seeing your fridge is so well stocked 😉

  3. I love palak paneer too…..Food definitely helps to uplift our moods….But you might want to stay off Nutella now – did you read the news – it isn’t good for health because of the carcinogenic elements found it ….

    1. I know the sad news about Nutella- not that I have been slurrping it in copious amounts- however much I would love too! Sigh!! All good things in life are…………
      Thanks for stopping by Sunaina

  4. I love food and I love talking about it. Going out to an art exhibit soon. I think that I’ll make hummus when I come home. I could go for some pasta, too. No butter in my tea or ketchup with anything.

    1. Hey Alice- I love Hummus too. Do share your recipe for a homemade version. I love pasta too; infact I adore pasta!!! Cheers

  5. My son in law introduced me to the idea of dipping French fried potatoes in mayonnaise. It seems to be a trend here in the US? I don’t know but I’m not getting on that wagon. I want my fries straight up please, a little salt and that’s it. Not even tomato ketchup. I also love cheese, I’m not quite as adventurous as you into blue cheese territory.

    1. Its super yummmm but now its being put on to a list of foods that contains carcinogenic compounds…. Go figure!! 🙁

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