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[M] Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss #AtoZchallenge

Some fifteen odd years ago, I attended a Reiki workshop and got totally entranced by it. A few months later, I chanced on this book – Many Lives, Many Masters –  which shook me to the core. It’s no wonder that its made it to my list of my all time favourite books. This is one must-read book for everyone, in my humble opinion.

Title: Many Lives, Many Masters

Author:  Dr. Brian Weiss

Genre: Non-Fiction

Publication: Piatkus Books

Dr. Brian Weiss is a practicing therapist, past life regression specialist and an author of many books. He uses the technique of hypnotherapy to treat his patients. He researches reincarnation, past lives and is greatly enamoured by what happens to the soul after death.



Dr Brian Weiss is treating a young woman, Catherine, who seems to have multiple issues of nightmares, anxiety, stress, etc. None of his conventional methods work with her; her fears remain unchanged. He decided to try hypnosis on this patient to determine if there were any underlying childhood traumas which led to her present day phobias.

He was shocked and sceptical initially when Catherine started to narrate incidents which seemed to have happened to her in another lifetime. Dr. Weiss closely questions her as she lies in a hypnotic sleep and she answers all the questions unwaveringly. It seems she could travel back to her past lives and narrate them perfectly well.

All of his traditional training and wisdom is thrown out of the window when he realises the significance of her narrations. Slowly they progress to different lives of hers and in each the cause of her death is the cause of her present day trauma.

“Realize that life is more than meets the eye. Life goes beyond our five senses. Be receptive to new knowledge and to new experiences.” ― Brian L. WeissMany Lives, Many Masters

Then she starts to pass on messages from the Masters who are the beings/souls in a higher evolved self and seem to have only a consciousness and no form or body. These masters talk to him about his life, particularly his son’s death. They also explain the concept of reincarnation and the purpose of different lives for each human beings.

Dr. Weiss also discovers that there is a circle of people connected in every life and they keep reappearing in different lives in different relationships. We owe debts to such people and only when it’s cleared do they step out of our circle. The debt can be on either side and reinforced the doctrine of Karma to him.

Catherine also spoke of her experience of floating out of her body at each death and how she saw a bright light every time. This rang true with the many accounts of recalled by people who have had Near-Death-Experiences.

After curing Catherine, he began to use this technique on many other patients of his with great success.

Lasting impression on me:

When I picked up this book to read, I had just been converted from being an Atheist to a believer. I had started practicing Reiki and came to realise the simple truths of life force and self being. So this book only strengthened my beliefs further and I came to discover my own inner circle of folks.

One of the many lessons I learnt was that people came into my life for a reason and for a season. So when they leave, don’t grieve for them; just be grateful for the time with them. Also whatever happens, happens for a reason and I may or may not stumble onto that reason.

I began to believe in Karma and the cycle of debt that we accumulate in our life time. Self love is another thing that I started to imbibe in my life with great success.

This book talked to me like a person and I could relate to everything it said with great clarity vis-a-vis my own life.

My rating:

I don’t think a 5 ***** would suffice as this book changed my life. All I will say is that anyone and everyone must read this book to soul search their own being.

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What are your thoughts on past life regression? Do you believe in reincarnation and karma?


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52 thoughts on “[M] Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian Weiss #AtoZchallenge

  1. Hari Om
    Am very familiar with this work; also have direct experience. Coming to Vedanta, it was realised that the work is not original but has been understood by the Rsis of yore. However, each generation, and each culture must find their own way to these higher realms as best they can. I believe this to be a book which comes to those who are ready for it – much as the Bible or Gita does to others; and within these texts there are also layers. What one person takes from them may differ from what you or I obtained – and that is just fine, because it will be all that hey need at that time… so glad you grew from meeting this book! YAM xx

    1. What sagicious words Yamini; they filled me with delight as I read your comment. Thank you for such wise advice; I think I am going to be a regular on your blog for a long time to come and have many more interactions with you, if you permit. 🙂

        1. Noted Yamini; shall hop over there soonest! Thank you so much- you are a much calm presence in my life at the moment! 🙂

  2. I have a pdf of this book since college days. Haven’t read through it completely. Have forgotten most of the things too.

    I believe in past life regressions, and the concepts of debts. And near death experiences, dreams, and the circle of people we meet in our life, and miracles. Long back there was a TV show where such hypnosis was done on bereaved parents or siblings, and it was an emotional issue, they were completely satisfied after the hypnosis. Though there was both appreciation and criticism for the show, i chose to truly believe it. And this book has been in my list ever since. I had almost forgotten about it, thanks for making me remember it.

    I think there are things in this world that we don’t know of, and blatantly saying that they are false, are just hocus pocus because we haven’t experienced them, is unfair. My father is a staunch disbeliever in both Reiki and this. He has been having body pains but doesn’t agree to visit a Reiki Therapy establishment in Cuttack, is adamantly taking medicines which give only temporary relief.

    1. Oh you must read this book then Pratikshya and also check out Yamini’s comment below for her advice on this book.
      Its difficult to change people’s perceptions as they age; unless they have self realisations. So let your dad do what makes him feel good and satisfied. My dad is currently hospitalised and there is no use in telling him anything as he only trusts modern meds and the doctors – we can say whatever to him, its of no use! But ultimately he is the one suffering the pain; so whatever helps him feel better – is what we are into too.

  3. I dont have a concrete opinion aboit reincarnation and karma simply because I dont know enough to have an opinion. Maybe this book will give me that perspective. Your series makes me want to go on book reading spree but all I have read the whole year is one poetry book and a lot of childrens books

    1. I ma so glad my choices have been granted so much favour by my readers; much gratitude and thanks for it! Please do read it once and try to go back to it to understand it better – I love re-reading it!

  4. I read this book 10 years ago and have it in my home library. It was such an eye opener. There is one uncle in my home town who does past life regression, ever since i have come to know this, I have been wanting to do that with him after reading this book. But, scared too of what might spill out!

  5. I clicked on the referral link because I couldn’t resist myself. I have to read this book. Since long I have wanted to read a book like this. Thank you sooo much for sharing this review.

  6. I have read this book and I was left speechless after reading it! I don’t believe a lot in rituals and practices but do believe in a higher being and Karma! As you rightly said, it strengthened my belief in karma and that inner circle of people, who act as guiding angles.

    1. Yeah Neha – the inner circle that get repeated in every life is what I really believed in through this book. I am amazed at the peeps who come into my life or the closeness I feel with some even when meeting for the first time. I think its the past life vibes which are carried forth 🙂

  7. Have heard a LOT about this book but never got the opportunity to check it out, Since, recovery of past life experiences and memories and Karma, fascinates and intrigues me, I will check out this book. Thanks for yet another fabulous recommendation, Shalini!

    1. Thanks so much Shilpa for loving yet another of my recco – I hope you do read it for it will give you an insight thats not there yet but much needed by anyone and everyone! I became a believer after readig this book 🙂

    1. OOOOOH!!!! Do share how you liked it Soumya- I am envious that its gonna be your first time to read this. I was so fascinated by this book the first time around! 🙂

  8. This post sounds very interesting – I have only heard but have never tried any of these things. I encountered one of the students who had gone for hypnosis and it has done more harm than good. He was brought by his parents- because he has developed fears and anxiety and looks only in one direction. (they told me that he witnessed his classmate jumping from the 4th floor in the engineering college and committing suicide. He went into a state of shock and somebody recommended hypnosis, the person who did hypnosis was not a professional and it had negative impact on him. I an impressed with this book and hope to read, thanks for sharing.

    1. Oh that poor boy! I think one reason why I have stayed away from trying this is the genuiness of the person performing the past life regression for as you rightly said it could bring adverse effect! I hope you do get around to reading it Angela

    1. I am a skeptic too about it Seema but this book made it seem so so real; not sure if I would ever have the guts to go for it! 🙂

  9. A book that can bring so much to you is definitely a book worth a read. It is intriguing. One of my distant relative went for past life regression after her seperation, she found so much peace and answers to her troubles.

  10. Hey Shalz.
    Funny, I should click on your link today (Sunday) and read your post on Many lives…
    This book has been recommended by so many friends over the last 4 years or so and yet, I have not come to it–yet:)
    This year’s A to Z challenge has been rather surreal for me: I seem to land on posts/words which are meant to be read that day–almost like a message from someone out there.
    M is for Mawphlang

    1. All good things come to us when we need it , that’s what I believe. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy reading it.

    1. I know what you mean Ramya; I am trying not to pick up these books and re read right now as I type the posts; the itch is just too great though! 😉

    1. It changed the way I thought n saw life. I think I learned to more giving and accepting after reading this.

  11. I read this book 3 years ago and all I can say is reading it was a magical experience. It helped me putting rest to my mind with respect to one of my fears which regularly came in my dreams. It strengthened my faith.

  12. This one is such a gem! i do agree amd resonate with so much in this book and also what you too have learnt 🙂
    Hope your dad gets well soon (i do feel that you can give uncle reiki so that it eases his discomfort & the meds he prefers work better for him).

    1. Thanks Ish for the wishes; my dad is bit orthodox in his mindset and believes in only allopathy; I dont want to needlessly bang my head against the wall 🙂

  13. This book changed my life too Shalz. I actually did the exercise on the last pages and asked my daughter to regress me. I found that I was a Greek sailor in a ship that caught fire and that explained my fear of fire and water at the same time…..

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