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#Thyroscare – How age old healing therapies came to my rescue – Part 1: Acupressure

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For this year’s Bar-A-Thon I have decided to chronicle my ongoing battle with Thyroid and decided to call it ThyroScare. I guess you could call it a marathon of sorts to overcome th
is. I have tried out two therapies and today’s post will focus on Acupressure.

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Age old healing therapies

Persuaded by AD to meet the doctor she had been visiting for her thyroid, I too made an appointment with him. This is Dr. Shahroze Rizvi ( 9935534888) who practices acupressure with the help of magnets. I was pretty sceptical to say the least, but overwhelmed by my disease, I was ready to try out ANYTHING by now.

Dr Rizvi is a very gentle, unassuming guy who after checking my pulse, tongue and medical reports, pulled out a chart which had a sketch of the hands – 2 were of the front of the palm and 2 were of the back of the palm. He then proceeded to mark points on them and explained to me how and where to put the magnets as per the chart.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

He also explained to me that what I have, was not just hypothyroidism but that it was coupled with auto-immune disease which made it Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. This type of thyroid is one of the toughest to cure. Due to the auto-immune, the healthy cells attack each other, rendering the treatment almost ineffective. The body has to fight even more to cure itself.

Japanese physician Hakaru Hashimoto is credited with its discovery in 1912 and by 1957, it was recognised as an Auto-immune disorder. HT generally affects women more and in the age group of 30-50. It is essentially a disorder where gradually the thyroid gland is destroyed by the body.

HT is thought to be bought about by genetics and environmental factors. Weight gain, depression, chronic fatigue and joint aches are the most significant symptoms of HT.

Errrrrr…………………………. what?

Dr. Rizvi explained the magnet points to me twice over and then taped them on my hands for the first time. He made me take pics on my phone of them to remember how it was done.

Dr. Rizvi also gave this efficient little kit which had all the necessary equipment of tapes, magnets, cutter and a green marker. He used it to mark a point on the palm of my hand and asked me to do so daily.

Acupressure thyroid cause symptoms thyroscare TSH T3 T4 Bloating water retention

By now I was bursting with questions and did so with a load of incredulity punctuating every one of them 😉

He must be used to it for he smiled, pulled out a docket and showed me reports and testimonials of his past patients of thyroid – all cured!!! He had over 200 such cases.

WOW!!! – Right?

He also shared a booklet on the therapy and gave me a web link to explore further. So there is this institute for Acupressure Shodh Prashiksham Evam Upchaar Sansthan in Allahabad, India. You can research it here

Theory of Acupressure/magnet therapy

Our body has several “treatment” points all over and when balanced pressure is applied on them, they respond in curing the ailment. The pressure can be applied with the help of certain instruments, seeds, magnets and even colour. There are no medicines involved in this and not just physical ailments but mental ones can also be treated with acupressure.

This is an age-old treatment therapy, not just in India but China as well.

Acupressure thyroid cause symptoms thyroscare TSH T3 T4 Bloating water retention
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I was convinced

How difficult was it to be not convinced by it? I mean there is no harm in trying it out – right? I decided to give it six months. There was no invasive treatment, tests or even medications that were prescribed here. All I had to do was tape magnets on the corresponding points and keep them on for 8-12 hours.

I started this therapy on 17-12-17 when my TSH was 10.34 and I weighed 69.7 kgs.

I confess to not being regular with it and there were days when I was too lazy to do it. First three months, it felt like there was no change at all though the TSH levels were going down.

Today, a little over six months have passed and my weight is down by 3 kgs; more significantly there is no weight gain at all. My TSH is now between 2-3 but yes I have not been weaned off Eltroxin as yet. That will require some more time but time is something I am willing to invest in this after seeing the results fall into place. Other positive changes include:

  1. Drastic improvement in fatigue levels
  2. Sleep patterns are almost normal
  3. Dry skin and hair fall has been arrested
  4. Water retention has come down; there is still more to do there
  5. Biggest thing is the weight – not only is it not increasing but there is a decrease in it as well.

I am now a convert of this therapy and am resolute in following it till I am cured completely. I will share the other therapy in tomorrow’s post which coupled with this one, is what I attribute to my improving health.

Dr Rizvi visits Delhi-NCR, Pune & Mumbai on a regular basis every month. He can be contacted by phone or email and he charges about 1000/- for every consultation. I believe he also consults via Skype/WhatsApp for outstation patients.

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16 thoughts on “#Thyroscare – How age old healing therapies came to my rescue – Part 1: Acupressure

  1. Acupressure, in India, used to be a very underrated treatment for curing various diseases until a decade ago. I remember people used to just scoff it off saying how a non-invasive technique could in any way affect your body. It follows almost similar lines of Yoga which upholds the fact that our body consists of many significant ‘chakras’ each governing a different faculty of the mind & health.

    I’m so happy it’s working for you, Shalz. And I can totally understand what a relief the weight loss must be giving you. Thanks to Dr.Rizvi.

    1. Thanks so much Ash and yes along with Yoga, this has been a boon to me. Infact my next post is on Yoga 😉 I am writing a third one on Reiki, crystals and Chakras only – hope that will resonate with you too.

    1. Yes Suzy thats what I had heard too before but never believed or tried till I went for this treatment.

  2. Yes, Acupressure has its own benefits. but has to be done correctly. Many times people do something wrong and then blame the cure. Was writing about the same in your questionnaire.

    1. Yes Nami that is something one has to take care about; I am lucky I found someone who is great at it and its a cure thats working for me.

  3. Very well written an informative post of self experience that will be beneficial for your blog readers Thanks for sharing Shalini.

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