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#ThursdayTreeLove: The melodrama of the Weeping Willow

” The willow tree plays the water like a harp.” – Ramon Gomez de la Serna

Genus: Salix alba ‘Tristis’

Common name: Golden Weeping Willow

thursday tree love

On my recent trip to Uttarakhand, I was amazed to spot the Weeping Willow tree in several places as this is a tree that I associated with Great Britain and the US. Most of these were young trees and it seems the forest department has been propagating the growing of Willows in Uttarakhand, most probably for its wood.

thursday tree love

Generally the Willow is grown for its ornamental quality as its sweeping and drooping branches form a very romantic picture. This tree remains green almost all the year around and loses leaves for a very brief duration. The bright green or almost yellow leaves give this tree the look of spring time all the year around. It does well when grown near water though it requires maximum sunshine and prospers in such spots.

The trees I spotted were all on hill tops and seemed to be flourishing very well. I was wishing for someone to be around to capture a pic of me reclining under it. Dont these make for gorgeous photo-ops? What do you think?

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There is a very famous saying about how a might oak breaks while a Willow bends and withstands the storms. But in real life, the willow suffers from damage by weather conditions and needs to be pruned and maintained properly.

Thursday Tree Love is a fabulous tree hop by the lovely Parul K Thakur who opens the blog hop every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month. So if you have a gorgeous tree to share with us, please link up on her post.

Meantime you can have a look at the tree I shared last fortnight here

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    1. Yeah isnt it? I had also read it in novels only and then I saw plenty of them in this trip. So happy to behold their beauty in person 🙂

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