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A mixed bag in February [Gratitude Post]

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February - gratitude-post-blessings-thankful-reflections-meditation-life-relationships-love-happiness

February is the shortest month of the calendar year, yet it didnt fly by as fast as January did. Somehow this month was one which had as many ups as downs; but in the end all was well! I have been keeping a gratitude journal since a year now and writing this post every month is kind of therapeutic for me. Its been helping me to put things into perspective and motivate myself to do better.


The weighing scales and me havent been on cordial terms since the sudden weight spurt I experienced in the second half of 2017. Hypothyroid was the culprit but still I couldnt get over the treachery of the scales and had been avidly avoiding them since November. But when a few tight dresses suddenly began to fit almost as well as before, I made my peace and stepped onto them. I guess the scales were also happy to make up for they indicated a loss of 3.5 kgs. YAY!!!! This joy was short-lived and soon the cold war was back on as the weight zoomed up again. BRUTUS!!! cried my anguished heart to the weighing scales.

I finally got my stride up and was averaging 6 kms in 75 minutes during my morning walk. But then I lost the discipline and down went the stride and up went the weight. I couldnt evenΒ  manage one solid week of walking in february. Sad-a-news!! as Calendar would exclaim (Mr.India)


One sunday morning I got a call from a lady I had met on a birding walk in winters. She works to market holidays for several small resorts, Pan India. She had recommended my work to one of her clients and was eager for me to make the connect. Wow!! This was so out of the blue and I couldnt stop thanking her for the recco. Us freelancers need all the word-of-mouth publicity we can get. On the flip side, I am still working on this lead as you know what they say,“Many a slip between the cup and the lip.”Β 


A blogger friend helped me to get a paid writing assignment for a brand; I was thrilled and promptly wrote the post after costs were approved. It went up and received great traction in the three days it was up. Then the brand wanted me to re-do some bits of my blog to suit their brand. Sorry, no can do was my reply and POOF the payment went down the drain!

I re-did the post as a unsponsored one and am super proud of it. ( I had already spent that money in my headΒ  though πŸ™ ) Such are the travails of the blogging life.

Another paid writing assignment came my way via a close friend and I have my fingers crossed that this one will at least work out. Cheers!

Social Life

I have been blessed with a beautiful circle of close friends who are just there with me whenever I so demand it. Be it on WA or in real time, I have them at my beck and call πŸ˜‰ This month saw some warm get togethers at home where the conversation flowed more than the wine.

14th February is a day I marked in my life as a day of self-love since 2012. I head out to a F&B outlet and pamper myself to a nice meal. This year my new-found partner in crime accompanied me (despite a hard day at work) and drove me to a place of my choice for dinner. Muaah to sups!!!!

I have also revived a love for sarees this year and made a pact with myself to start wearing them as often as I can. I am a saree hoarder! I have about 50 sarees (that’s not much you would be exclaiming) but I must have worn only 10 so far. I started collecting in 1998 and I pick up sarees on my India travels to have the perfect mix of the gorgeous Indian textiles. My mother had started nitpicking over the wastage of money as I just don’t seem to wear them.

So I wore a pink bandhini saree that I bought in 1998 to inaugurate the pact and flaunted it on Valentine’s day! Check out my #sareeswag so far below……

February - gratitude-post-blessings-thankful-reflections-meditation-life-relationships-love-happiness


So the biggest headache that had begun in my life of hunting a new house, vanished as I was able to find the middle ground with my current situation. I am so thankful to not having to shift house and am enjoying spring cleaning it at present. Its feeling like a new house. πŸ™‚


While I ended January on a jubilant note of having read 5 books, February saw me limp midway through one book only. Yup it’s not finished till date and I am wondering whether to ditch it and pick up another? What say?

February - gratitude-post-blessings-thankful-reflections-meditation-life-relationships-love-happiness
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So now you see what a mixed bag February has been for me? How was yours? Do share a link of your gratitude post if you happened to pen one down this month.

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20 thoughts on “A mixed bag in February [Gratitude Post]

  1. Freelancing is tough, right..? I have a question here. How did you actually start freelancing- i mean landing up your first client?
    I want to get started, looking up websites and all, but confused how to actually start.
    Pitching my pieces to websites now, got accepted in one. Portfolio building is important i learnt.

    Wish there was a step by step guidebook for this.

    1. Yeah Pratikshya freelancing is pretty tough; it needs a lot of patience and strength as the disappointments are a lot more initially! First client happened by word of mouth and some networking. I guess you are going the right way about it, just keep at it. All the best with it.

  2. Weight woes are all around I feel but in your case, thyroid is the reason. Slacking a bit is okay but once you get regular to walks or any form of work, staying regular will keep up your energy levels. My recommendation would be to find an accountability partner. Report it or go on instagram and start a little thing for yourself. It helps. Reward yourself when you do well. I’ve not lost weight but my regular work outs have kept me healthy and mentally/physically active. So all that advise is tested and tried.
    So good to know that you have assignments. And with that sponsorer, let it go. You totally rock the Saree and the black one looks beautiful one of you. I’m also a Saree lover and I try to wear one a week. I have a huge collection too but I wear them all πŸ™‚
    Wishing you a lovely March! May it be full of health and happiness.

    1. I hear you Parul; accountability is what had kept me going on for so long – I slacked off and now am back to it with a vengeance. Its not about the weight but the fitness that I am keen on garnering; ok I want some weight off too πŸ˜‰ I feel better in my energy levels in months and I know its all due to the workout regime. Stepping it up this month for sure.
      Thanks for liking my saree swag; wow wearing once a week sounds great to me – I need to build up a summer collection for that now! Cheers πŸ™‚

  3. I can imagine how pleased your mother must be seeing you in those gorgeous saris . And I can also understand why you bought them. There is a timeless elegance about this garment . Sadly the blouse that matches the sari is not timeless and doesn’t stretch to expanding bosoms. This is one of the reasons I don’t wear saris anymore. Hope your March is as fruitful and happy!

    1. Ha ha ha Sunita – thats hilarious and also so very true! I have been having the same problems and went out to get some random contrasting blouses stitched that I can match with my sarees.

  4. A mixed bag indeed Shalini. But I guess those are the ups and downs and ways of lilfe.. With regards to the blogging scene, dont worry abt it. It happens to one and all, and somewhere brands do take bloggers for a ride. It is probably because there is not cohesiveness among bloggers, and brands tend to take us for granted. But hope you do have many more campaigns coming up in the months to come. you look lovely in a saree, you must wear them more often. Bring out all those sarees hoarded and flaunt them about. glad your home scene is settled now. And as they say home is where the heart is. Cheers to your zeal and enthusiasm . And hoping you have a great month ahead.

    1. Thanks so much Ramya – yeah blogging wise the brands do take us for a ride, largely because we are available a dime a dozen πŸ˜‰ But I am happy to let it go as I wont compromise on my blog quality for money! My blog is mine and mine alone – I love it like a narcisstic streak of mine! I know you understand what I mean by that.
      I have many a miles to go before I tie a perfect saree but yes will get there – thank you for appreciating my zeal for it! πŸ™‚

  5. Quite a mixed bag Feb it has been! Tough luck to be grappling with a thyroid problem but atleast you got diagnosed early. Managing weight hasn’t been my strongpoint ever, so I hear you lady! I loved your saree swag pics, keep ’em coming! Blogging assignments…cheers to more of them! Here’s wishing you a vibrant March!

    1. Thanks Kala! I think the weight is more of a vanity issue now as its fitness I am aiming at the core of it. But yeah feels good to know its down;-)
      Feb has been a very mixed adventure for me and I am hoping March- my fav month – is far far better!!
      Keep watching for my saree swag for I will be posting more pics soon πŸ™‚

  6. Quite a February you’ve had.

    Fitness – Oh yeah it does take time to be consistent. But make sure you don’t give up on it either.

    Work – Yay!

    Blogging – Paid posts are always a pain. That’s why I stopped doing them entirely.

    Don’t you look awesome! The first pic is simply stunning.

    1. *Blush Blush* Thank you for loving my saree swag- its my high vanity point right now πŸ˜‰
      Yes yes am back on the grind with the workout, looking to get a gym membership gifted to me this bday as I want to just get into it really seriously now.
      Sigh- paid wale bhi aayenge……………… πŸ™‚

  7. Woah! I am also proud of you for keeping your stance with the client. Sorry for the payment though. And oh my god! I too am at loggerheads with my weighing scale. It just would tell me that I have lost any weight. Haha!
    Hope March turns out more happening and positive for you. You do know that I’ve kinda fallen for your charm πŸ˜‰

    1. Awww Anupriya arent you the cutest? What a lovely thing to say – made me feel so good when I read this first thing today! We bloggers, I tell you – pyaar ke bhookhey log πŸ˜‰ Thank you for the cute words- made me laugh a lot!!
      Weighing scales – oh Ma, why did I buy one? It has been taunting me for the past 9 months now! Maybe I need to give it its marching orders – sigh!! Does yours grin evily at you too? πŸ˜‰
      Ah clients- what to say of them, they are always RIGHT!!!!! I will find the right ones and soon!! Cheers

  8. Sounds like a decent and full-on month. Fitness does take time but if you keep at it, you definitely will build it! And don’t just judge it based on scales I reckon. Ditch the book if it’s not working for you and grab another; life’s too short! πŸ˜› Shame about the sponsored post but yeah, it used to get my goat when they’d ask to do things a certain way and I haven’t actually written sponsored posts for a while now. Yay for good friends and not having to move house! Hope you have a wonderful March!

    1. Yeah it was super loaded and as for fitness I have decided to step it up as just walks is not helping! A more dedicated programe needs to be worked out and I am in the midst of getting that sorted now!
      Yup have ditched the book – it was yawn…………….
      Thanks for your wishes girl! πŸ™‚

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