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[C] The Color Master by Aimee Bender #AtoZchallenge

I read the rave reviews of a fellow reader on Goodreads about a book titled “The particular sadness of lemon cake” which struck me as a very quirky title. I researched the author a bit and decided to read her short story collections titled The Color Master as my first book. The idea was to gauge her writing style and how it would arrest my imagination.… Read More [C] The Color Master by Aimee Bender #AtoZchallenge

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[A] The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho #AtoZchallenge

The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo is a world famous book that talks about the universe conspiring to grant you whatever you desire with your deepest wishes. It tells a simple folk lore tale but with a larger meaning hidden in it.… Read More [A] The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho #AtoZchallenge

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[ #WisdomWednesday ] Decoding a Book Review

This month’s #WisdomWednesday features how to do a Book Review and for that I have been fortunate enough to have on my blog Inderpreet Uppal- a published author to talk about it. Read on to see a great offer for the readers of this blog which the author has so generously offered.… Read More [ #WisdomWednesday ] Decoding a Book Review

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[Theme Reveal] My love affair with books #AtoZchallenge

Hola folks! AtoZ is back and I am ecstatic to be a part of it once again! Yes it’s my second time here! I truly loved the amazing buzz of this challenge that propels you to write daily and read too. It had been a revelation of sorts to connect with some really awesome blogs… Read More [Theme Reveal] My love affair with books #AtoZchallenge


Book Chronicles – TBR 2017

  Every year I sign up quite eagerly for the Goodreads and HT Brunch ‘s reading challenges and nominate a number of books to read in the year. Its more to egg myself on than anything else. Last years reading score was pretty dismal as somehow I lost steam midway in the year and ended… Read More Book Chronicles – TBR 2017

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A wishful wonderland [Home Decor]

Read about a quirky wonderland in the heart of Gurgaon where Enid Blyton meets Alice and takes you into a world of funky stationery, decor items, artefacts and even books. The curation of items here makes one wonder at the inner child of its two founders who believe in not growing up!
(This article was first published on Decoinch – an online design portal- in 2015 and all content & pictures are copyrighted by the author)… Read More A wishful wonderland [Home Decor]

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Gratitude Post – July 2017

“Gratitude is more of a compliment to yourself than someone else.” Raheel Farooq I have been missing out on writing my Gratitude posts since a couple of months; blaming it on personal issues rather than laziness to write 😉 But life has been good and blessed and I have loads to tell you. Maybe its… Read More Gratitude Post – July 2017


#BookSlutThursday Week #5

#BookSlutThursday Week #5 Another week has set in and here we are with my week #5 posting for #BookSlutThursday. Check out my this week’s selection to read and play, all had been ordered to reach Bangalore where I am vacationing at present. Twenty Love Poems & a Song of Despair by Pablo Neruda was bought… Read More #BookSlutThursday Week #5

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| GuestBlogging | Book Review | Book2Movie | The Fault In Our Stars | John Green

I had read The Fault in Our Stars just before its movie came out in India, which was in July 2014. One of my BFFs kept sending me random quotes from the book and finally convinced me to pick up a copy. And I am so glad she did. This was my first read of… Read More | GuestBlogging | Book Review | Book2Movie | The Fault In Our Stars | John Green


#BookSlutThursday- Week4

#BookSlutThursday Week 4 The moment I saw this 50th anniversary edition of The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, said to be her autobiographical novel and is only one that she ever wrote, I just had to pick it up. It’s been on my TBR since ages and I couldn’t resist when I saw this beautiful… Read More #BookSlutThursday- Week4


Guestblogging : “The confessions of a stationery enthusiast”

Guestblogging “The confessions of a stationery enthusiast” I love stationery. There is no two ways about it, new notebooks make me excited, I want to write in them but at the same time I want them to stay perfect. When I was younger starting school meant a whole new set of stationery, from pens to rulers,… Read More Guestblogging : “The confessions of a stationery enthusiast”


#Contest 2 for February 2017 – Guest blogging Posts for Book Reviews

Guest Blogging Posts for Book Reviews Contest #2 for the month of February 2017 I love to read – that’s no secret and I love to pick up books by reading the book blurb, reviews on Goodreads and more importantly opinions of peeps whose book reading taste is similar. So I decided to improvise my… Read More #Contest 2 for February 2017 – Guest blogging Posts for Book Reviews


#BookSlutThursday – A new contest for the love of books in Feb 2017

#BookSlutThursday with #shalzmojosays Hola peeps! February is traditionally the month of love and mera pyar (my love)  is Books Books and more books!!! So I have decided to celebrate this month with the love of books exhibited everywhere. I have taken inspiration from this tag #BookSlutThursday which I spotted on Nidhi’s Insta account (check out… Read More #BookSlutThursday – A new contest for the love of books in Feb 2017

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My Book Bingo 2017

A Book Bingo is a take on the popular grid game (usually printed in 5×5 squares on a piece of paper) which is generally played with numbers; here numbers are substituted by names of books. The idea behind a Book Bingo is to generate a reading list for the year wherein varied genres, authors, languages,… Read More My Book Bingo 2017

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#TBR : To-Be-Read 2017

#TBR First day of the year and its typical for book aficionados to sign up for a book reading challenge with any of the popular book blogs / clubs where they would affirm to read a particular number of books in one year as per the challenge ascribed by the book club – 24, 50,… Read More #TBR : To-Be-Read 2017

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Treasure measure

Chanced upon a post on a book club on Facebook which led me to a treasure trove of used books and a meeting with an amazingly warm human being who had collected and was selling these books for the Gurgaon girls scouts who were collecting money for an orphanage in Delhi. I thought I was… Read More Treasure measure